Washed rind cheese made from 100% fresh local goat’s milk

Rich creamy, “epoisses” like texture with a wrinkly pale orange to pink sticky rind, washed in a local barrel fermented Chardonnay. Paste oozes when ripe and is firm and chewy when young. Pungent smell and flavour, can have garlic, fungal mushroom or fruity flavours with a hint of bucky gaminess. Use as a finisher or blue substitute on a cheese board; this cheese is best paired with white wines, Sauternes or even Trappist style beers.

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Currently a Camembert style goat cheese with a washed and white milder crust.  Delicate with woodsy flavours that soften and ripen to a creamy centre.  Excellent heated with fruit compotes or drizzled with honey. Serve with crisp white wines.


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