The Rock

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Washed rind cheese made from 100% fresh local Buffalo milk. This Saint Paulin styled cheese has a smooth paste with complex yet mild mineral flavours. Slightly salt near rind with refined nutty, almost sweet lactic flavours near centre. Excellent with lighter reds such as Pinot Noir.

140g+ wedge

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1 review for The Rock

  1. Christina Dowdall

    I would like to know if the rind on The Rock Cheese should be eaten? Trying this cheese for the first time. Also are all of the rinds eatible? I received a box of packaged cheeses as a gift. Thank you. This review is not true since Ii have not as yet tried the cheese.

    • fifthtown


      All our rinds are edible as they are washed with salt or wine and untreated with wax. However they can pick up unpleasant smells, surface mold, or flavours when exposed to the air, mustiness or bitterness. You can rewash them or rub on lemon oil which will eliminate or reduce some of this. But for the best tasting experience we recommend trimming the crust.

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