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4309 Prince Edward County Rd 8,
Picton, Ontario
K0K 2T0

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  1. Follow Highway 33 east into Picton
  2. Turn right onto Bridge Street
  3. Turn right onto County Rd 8 (immediately)
  4. Follow County Rd 8 for 20km
  5. Fifth Town is on the left side


  1. Follow Bath Road (Highway 33) west to Adolphostown (55km)
  2. Take the Glenora ferry across to Glenora
  3. Continue on Highway 33 for 700m, then turn left onto County Rd 7
  4. Follow County Rd 7, then turn right onto Bongards Crossroad
  5. Turn left onto County Rd 8 and continue for 7km
  6. Fifth Town is on the left side


Please check website for updated hours of operation.