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About Us

At Fifth Town we believe in honestly expressing the beautiful Prince Edward County terroir with which we are blessed. Whether it is the cow milk from Jean’s farm down the road on County Road 7 or the goat milk from the Leroux family farm an hour away, we craft something truly authentic that connects us to the land we live on, giving us taste, sense and pride of place.

In this day and age, filled with rushed consumables and mass produced goods, we invite you to venture out to the east end of the County, past the beautiful lake vistas of Waupoos to Cressy, and try a little something that only patience, a small batch, and some loving artisan intervention can create. You will love it here!

The Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Company is a privately owned, environmentally and socially responsible enterprise producing fine hand made cheeses using fresh, locally produced cow, goat and buffalo milk. The product development processes reflect the spirit of the Fifth Town brand, which aims to integrate traditional methods, contemporary tastes, and craftsmanship with local terroir.

Situated on 20 acres of agricultural land and facing Lake Ontario on the eastern ridge of Prince Edward County, the 4800 square foot Fifth Town dairy processing, retail and educational facility enhances the practice of artisan cheese making with advanced sustainable design. The project achieved Platinum LEED accreditation under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) program in March 2009.

The factory store and patio is open Thursday to Sunday 10-5 pm

We offer $3 per person tastings at our outside patio bar . You can order cheeseboard grazing boxes to stay or takeout. We are also taking website orders for curb side pickup in our outdoor fridge or delivery. Please give us a day of notice for any pickups. Please check social media for updates.